Sunjam Festival

Alexi Delano
Joseph Capriati

Utila Island, Honduras

Amnesia Ibiza

Paco Osuna
Marc Marzenit

Ibiza, Spain

Welcome to the future

Paco Osuna
Paul Ritch

Nabij, Amsterdam

Kanzatip Festival

Henry Saiz live!
Renaissance, Spain


Club4, Barcelona

Quartz Rec Night
Paul Ritch Live!

Barcelona, Spain


Marc Marzenit live!
Henry Saiz live!
Ángel Molina

Andalucía, Spain

Wire Festival

Paul Ritch live!


Tokyo, Japan

Argentina Weekend Tour!

Marc Marzenit live!
Bedrock, Cocoon Rec

28.08.10 Mendoza, Argentina
28.08.10 Pacha Buenos Aires

Piknic Electronik

Paul Ritch Live!


Montreal, Canada

Paco Osuna | Plus 8, Mindshake

With an impressive, packed schedule in August, Paco Osuna gives meaning to the perfect summer vibe this month. Paco will give three incredible performances per week and has planned a 4-date weekend tour in Spain, with Space Club in Ibiza and Barcelona ROW14 proudly included.

And Paco still has times for some hours in the studio as well; soon his highly expected Plus8 productions will come to light, and his recently reinvigorated label Mindshake will also be busy in August.

August tour

05.08.10 | Ciclope, Italy
06.08.10 | Amnesia, Ibiza
07.08.10 | Wellcome to the future, Amsterdam
10.08.10 | Joy, Alassio, Italy
12.08.10 | Baja Pura, Sicily, Italy
14.08.10 | Tartana, Italy
19.08.10 | Monza @ Space, Ibiza
20.08.10 | Buhos Club, Plasencia, Spain
21.08.10 | Groove, Castellon, Spain
22.08.10 | Row14, Barcelona
26.10.10 | Club4, Barcelona
28.10.10 | Castle, Serbia

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Paul Ritch | Tour dates & festivals

Paul Ritch sounds resonate throughout the globe and his constant world tours are never far away. After an incredible July with a top festival season of nonstop music, in August Paul will perform in 9 cities in 3 different continents, including the tremendous WIRE Festival in Tokyo.

For Paul this is the continuation of a great summer: four festivals in America, Europe and Asia, as well as amazing performances at the Pacha NY, Cavo Paradiso Mykonos and Club4 Barcelona, to name a few. A dream for anyone!

August tour

06.08.10 | Cavo Paradiso, Mykono
07.08.10 | Welcome to the Future Festival, Holand
12.08.10 | CLUB 4 with Okain, Quartz Rec Showcase! Barcelona
14.08.10 | Dimuschi, Corsica
20.08.10 | Footwork, Toronto
21.08.10 | Pacha, NYC
22.08.10 | Piknic Electronik, Montreal
28.08.10 | WIRE Festival, Tokyo

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Marc Marzenit | Argentina Tour
New video: Marzenit in Concert

Marc Marzenit follows up his amazing three-date tour in Holland last month and remarkable performances in festivals, such as FreshWeekend in water and Monegros in the desert, with more great plans for August. Sitges Barcelona, Amnesia Ibiza, Creamfields Andalucia and a long-awaited tour in Argentina, where Pacha in Buenos Aires will be his main event, are just some of the mouthwatering dates he has in store for us this month.

In August, Marc also has a video premiere, with "Marc Marzenit in concert", recorded at the Comeback 15 festival in Seville, screened for the first time. This is just a small example of what Marc is capable of as a musician and another one of the reasons why he is considered one of the most complete contemporary electronic music artists.

August tour

05.08.10 | L’Atlantida, Sitges, Barcelona, Live set!!
06.08.10 | Amnesia, Ibiza, Dj Set!!
13.08.10 | Xofars, Flix, Live set!!
14.08.10 | Creamfields Andalucía, El Ejido (Almería), Live set!!

27.08.10 | Mendoza, Argentina, Live set!!
28.08.10 | Pacha Buenos Aires, Argentina, Live set!!

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Henry Saiz | Summer Festivals

After a tremendous tour of Latin America, in which Henry visited five countries (Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile and Argentina), and in which Pacha in Buenos Aires paid homage to his sounds, Henry continues with an equally impressive August.

Festivals such as Kazantip Festival in Ukraine, Creamfields in Andalucia and Test Festival in Castellon are just some of the stages Henry will captivate this month! !

August tour

07.08.10 | UDSS,Yekaterinburg, Russia
10.08.10 | Kazantip Festival, Ukrania
14.08.10 | Creamfields Andalucía, Almeria
14.08.10 | Test Festival, Castellón, ES
20.08.10 | Ministry of Sound, London, UK

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Latin American Summer Tour 2010

This month Xpansul will travel to Latin America on a tour that will see him return to four of the countries where he has made history. Thus, Xpansul will perform in the fabulous Sunjam festival in the paradise island of Utila in Honduras; a Caribbean dream scenario where Xpansul, alongside Alexi Delano and Joseph Capriati, will be a key part of the lineup. A great tour for a fabulous time this summer!

August tour

31.07.10 | Blues, Quito, Ecuador
07.08.10 | Sunjam, Utila, Honduras
13.08.10 | Vergissmeinnchit, Lima, Perú
14.08.10 | Ciudad de Panamá, Panamá

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Alexi Delano | Drumcode | Mad Eye

August is the month in which two releases by Alexi Delano alongside Adam Beyer will rattle the dj booths and rock the dancefloors of the greatest stages in summer.

The Sleep Horn EP released by Drumcode is a bright production, a sensible complex organism with pure musical insolence in its veins. Title track ‘Sleep Horn’, despite it’s unnervingly cavernous, high-pitched horn lead, couldn’t have a more confusing name as there is absolutely no chance of sleeping through this beast. Probably the most relentless and uncomprimising track from DC so far this year, it’s a shining example of a classic hard sound.

"Sleep Horn" is perfectly accompanied by two parallel sounding worlds: "Filthy Lobster" and "Carpet Grass", two tracks that vibrate from funky textures to deeply shocking sounds, achieving a unique muscial perspective.

The second EP "Turn Loose", by Mad Eye, is a summer pump that has been praised and used by artists such as Dubfire, Stephan Bodzin, John Digweed, Troy Pierce, Gregor Tresher and Camea. A real delight for the musical tastebuds.

Alexi Delano & Adam Beyer
Sleep Horn | listen |
Turn Loose
| listen |
Label: Drumecode / Mad Eye
Release date: August 2010

August tour

07.08.10 | Sunjam Festival, Utila Island, Honduras w/ Xpansul and J.Capriati
13.08.10 | Lima with Xpansul,Lima, Perú
19.08.10 | Santiago, Chile
20.08.10 | BARHEIN, Buenos Aires, Argentina
09.09.10 | To be announced!! Ibiza, Spain
11.09.10 | TBA Athens, Greece
18.09.10 | FRAU, Italy

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Camea | Kaleidoscope, Clink 021 & 022

This August and September Camea will be releasing a two part series entitled ‘Kaleidoscope’ on her label, Clink Recordings. Since the label began in 2005, Camea has held her place firmly as one of North America’s hottest female techno DJs.

This release encompasses her sound and is a collection of deep, funky, and driving tracks. And proving it, this release covers her different ranges of sound as a producer, projecting deep feelings and textures of pure funk in 3 spectacular cuts.

Camea in this series shows her sensitive side and that energetic chilling sound, completing a perfectly-flowing and complete musical idea. Camea is currently on a tour of North America and is preparing for the European autumn.

Artist: Camea
Title: Kaleidoscope pt. 1 & 2
Label: Clink 021 and 022
Release date: August & September 2010

Tour Dates

06.08.10 | Club 101 – El Paso, Texas
07.08.10 | Kontrol w/ Marcel Dettmann – San Francisco, California
14.08.10 | Hotel Quintas Papagayo – Ensenada, Mexico
18.08.10 | Tresor – Berlin
28.08.10 | Space Club – Ibiza

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01. Kaleidoscope | buy |

02. Trampoline | buy |

03. The Flirt Locker | buy |

04. Both Hands | buy |


07.08.10 | Romy S. Stuttgart, Germany
18.08.10 | Teknologik Boat Party, Geneva
22.08.10 | Kiesgrube, Neuss, Gr


07.08.10 | La Sal, Mataró
08.08.10 | La Cova, Menorca
14.08.10 | Creamfields Andalucía, Spain
21.08.10 | Groove, Castellón


06.08.10 | Au Bar, Corfu, x, GREECE
06.08.10 | Buenos Aires
14.08.10 | Merkwürdiges Verhalten am Strand, Frankfurt 06.09.10 | Cocoon, Ibiza


06.08.10 | Au Bar, Corfu, x, GREECE
13.08.10 | Ohju, Caños, ES
14.08.10 | Circoloco@TheOne, Bbarcelona
15.08.10 | Hideout @ Paradiso Rhodes, Rodi, GR
23.08.10 | Cavo Paradiso, Mykonos, GR
28.08.10 | Mysteryland Festival , Amsterdam, Holland
29.08.10 | Source Bar, Madestone


07.08.10 | ElectroMar Festival, Murcia
21.08.10 | Magnet, Madrid
22.08.10 | Boom Festival, Portugal
28.08.10 | Redbox @ Space, Ibiza

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